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Story of bun

31 July 2008

I was asked by some readers about my photo on the front cover of the 13th issue of 2005 of the New Martial Hero Magazine: holding on my left hand a Chinese bun and on my right hand grasping a pair of chopsticks – what was the trick behind? In fact there was a story behind it and perhaps I should reveal it here to the readers and the younger generation. Normally people appearing on the front cover of the Magazine look sharp and strong, some even show a murderous look on their faces making people feel unapproachable. One day, I was having Chinese tea at Luk Yu Tea House in Central when the boss of the Magazine was also there after finishing his work. He took out his camera and took a photo of me for showing off in the future. Naturally, there would not be available martial art tools on the sport as Luk Yu was not a martial club. On the other hand, the place was simply not right for showing off martial art. Then I thought of my master Ip Man’s posture when he had Chinese tea at Lung Fung (Dragon and Phoenix Restaurant): he looked very smart and very much like a scholar, profoundly skilled in martial art yet concealed. He frequently held in his left hand a lotus paste bun with his right hand holding a pair of chopsticks, eating and chatting, sometimes playing with his pair of chopsticks, so that I was very curious and paid much observation on him. I subsequently discovered that the chopsticks could even be used as short knifes or club, and if strong enough and used as two single ones, could serve as Ba Zhan Do, so that it is an invisible disposition of disposition combat forces.

When one is being attacked and has to save oneself, first throw the tea cup or the bun onto the face of the attacker to mask his sight, then use the pair of chopsticks to directly pierce his throat and flee! If being attacked by knife, stand firm and set down a bit to assimilate the attack, and then use the chopsticks to pierce his chest or eyes. Further, if the chopsticks are strong enough, split them and use both as Ba Zhan Do. Of course, the skill in the use of the Do must be through, and when coupled with the right foot – steps, they could perform what one wants but only as short knifes.

The chopsticks could be a life – saver when in emergence if the strength of them could be gathered at their tips and pierced at the opposite party. They could even be used as darts to prevent the other party from escaping.