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The Instructor Certificate

21 January 2016



Yip Man Martial Arts Association was founded by Master Yip Man. In view of rapid expanding of activities, the Association would like to announce that with immediate effect, all the qualified members will be granted the Instructor Certificate with following terms and conditions:-


1).  Must be a life membership.
2).  Must be recommended and approved by either one of the Master Yip Man's disciples:- Yip Chun, Yip Ching, Lau Kung Shing or Chan Wai Hong based on the applicants' qualification, experience and knowledge of Wing Chun Kuen.
3).  To abide all the rules and regulations of the Association.
4).  The certificate will be duly signed by 2 of the following:- The Chairman Mr. Lau Kung Shing, the president Mr. Chan Wai Hong, the honorary president Yip Chun and Yip Ching.
5).  Certificate fee: HKD1,000.00 and 2 photos.