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To Sifu Sam Lau

Dear Sifu,


I will fly by September 29th 2012 to Hong Kong for two Weeks and I wanted to ask you if there is a possibility to do a intensive course to shape my skills in Wing Chun.

People with seven years of european Wing Chun experience where ready to start all over again - thanks to your style and wisdom you gave me through the three months
I have been practicing by myself now for about two years and had the opportunity to see that many people here would like to know more about your Wing Chun Style.
Here in Europe most of the other Schools have a reputation of sects and "rip-off" organizations and thanks to fact that I want to keep it as traditional as possible there will be a lot of people
who will come to our organization as far as we keep the Mentality. I visited many Schools - just to see how they organize it and tested some of them and the result was frustrating - for them :-)

Like I wrote you in my promise: I am ready to be your official student and I am looking forward to do the hum bao like the traditional chinese tradition.
I have a concept that I would like to show you and if you agree with my plan I will start to build the "Sam Lau Wing Chun Association Switzerland".
As soon as I will be back from my next Hong Kong Journey I will be able to start in two different Cities: Bern, the Capital and Bienne.

So long, I can't wait to see you and all other fellows

See you soon Sifu and Thank you for everything


your Student

Olivier André